Modern Consultaning in UAE

  1. Modern Consultaning

Modern Consultaning

Qdot International

  • Our Goal

    No Matter what standard you need to be certified to, Qdot will help you set, transition or re-set a sustainable management system that works for your business.

  • Project duration

    We can get you certified on average in 1-2 months.

    * Rush (faster) programs are available.

    * Our record implementation online is 20 days

  • To-do's to get you certified

    * Screen to Screen (online) consulting

    * online live training

    * online hosting of the 1st management review

    * Online internal audit.

    * Audit can be upgraded to onsite audit

  • Documents

    Qdot will review or create system documentation as needed.

    *Qdot philosophy is to create only what is needed and can be maintained.

  • Pricing

    Pricing is based on scope of work which needs following for estimation,

    1. No of total staff

    2. No of sites to be covered in system

    3. Competence of existing staff

    4. Complexity of the processes

    5. Maturity of existing system

    6. You can add onsite visits and pricing will be adjusted accordingly.

Benefits of Modern Consulting

  • Quality guru ready to help you wherever you are, as long as you have wifi and headphones.

  • Improvement opportunities are communicated to consultant, they will develop plan and instructions on how to implement.

  • Allows for flexible schedules, go at your own pace feel, do your homework in between conference calls, and get it done in smaller chunks.

  • Most time & cost effective solution for your business.

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