ISO 28000 Supply Chain Security Management Systems

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What is ISO 28000 Certification?

ISO 28000 supply chain security management systems protect your goods from point of manufacturing to point of sale. As global trade expands, so do the opportunities for criminal elements to infiltrate your supply chain. Reduce the risks with ISO 28000 certification.

Supply chain security management systems based on the ISO 28000 certification standard identify the risk levels across your supply chain operations. This information then enables your organization to carry out risk assessments and apply the necessary controls with supporting management tools (i.e. document controls, key performance indicators, internal audit, and training).

An ISO 28000 audit from SGS enables your supply chain security management system to be managed as a business process and its effectiveness to be measured and improved. This means resources can be focused on areas with high-risk concerns. It is also possible to benchmark against international standards.

It will also help your organization link security management to many other aspects of your business activities. Our ISO 28000 audit will look at all activities controlled or influenced by organizations that impact your supply chain security, including transportation of goods along the supply chain.

We can audit your organization’s systems against the ISO 28000 standard performing a gap analysis and if desired taking you through the full certification process.

What are the benefits?

ISO 28000 brings big benefits to companies of all sizes. By allowing you to respond to the increasing customer demands for proof of systematic security management, an ISO 28000 compliant management system can improve your business confidence, reputation, and future growth.

It also helps you:

  • Facilitate trade and expedite the transport of goods across borders.
  • Monitor and manage security risks throughout your business and supply chain.
  • Gain a competitive advantage and win new business.
  • Encourage companies to secure their own processes within supply chains.
  • Reassure stakeholders of your organization’s commitment to the safety of individuals and the security of goods and services.
  • Allows management to focus finite resources in areas of greatest concern.
  • Benchmarks your organization’s security management practices with international best practice.
  • Achieve cost savings through a reduction in security incidents and potential reduction in corporate insurance premiums.
  • Gain opportunities to improve efficiency across working practices.

Supply Chain Security Management for SME’s:

No matter what the size of your business or your stage in the production or supply chain, ISO 28000 can help smaller organizations in the manufacturing, service, storage, and transportation sectors to manage security risks and ensure continuity of supply. Supply chain security management helps SMEs have the confidence to meet expectations – from legal to new business opportunities – giving you a solid and secure base to grow from.


Who needs ISO 28000 certification?

Any organization involved in manufacturing, service, storage, or transportation that seeks to enhance the security of its supply chain operations can benefit from ISO 28000 certification. It is particularly useful for companies that operate on an international scale.

How does ISO 28000 certification enhance supply chain security?

The certification provides a framework for assessing risks throughout the supply chain and implementing appropriate security measures. This includes systematic management of all activities that influence security during the transportation and handling of goods.

What does an ISO 28000 audit involve?

An ISO 28000 audit examines all elements of the supply chain that are controlled or influenced by the organization to ensure they meet the standards of ISO 28000. This includes performing a gap analysis and, if necessary, guiding the company through the full certification process.

Can ISO 28000 certification be integrated with other management system standards?

Yes, ISO 28000 can be integrated with other management system standards like ISO 9001 (Quality Management) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management), allowing organizations to streamline their management processes across different areas.

How does ISO 28000 certification impact small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)?

For SMEs, ISO 28000 certification can help manage security risks more effectively, ensuring continuity of supply and meeting customer and legal requirements. This certification can be critical in enabling smaller companies to compete more effectively in the global market.

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