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What is ECAS?

This scheme specify the rules for the implementation of registration of mandatory and voluntary products under the Emirates Conformity Assessment Schemes as required under the Federal Law No. 28 and as required by the IECEE 02 Rules of Procedure of the IECEE CB Scheme for Mutual Recognition of Test Certificates for Electro-technical Equipment and Components (CB Scheme) to ensure that products that affects the life, health and safety of consumers and the environment and products that may affect the economy of the country are complying with the relevant UAE or its adopted or recognized Standards such as IEC standards. Suppliers and manufacturers of mandatory and voluntary products under ECAS shall comply with this requirement before such product is registered and / or certified under the IECEE CB Scheme.

This document is applicable to all products which has been identified by any Ministerial Cabinet decision to be considered as mandatory/regulated product. Voluntary Standards can also use this requirement whenever a trader or manufacturer wanted their product to be registered by ESMA and/or to be certified under IECEE CB Scheme.

Locally manufactured or imported products and the company responsible to the product shall register and comply with this General Requirements and the relevant approved standard for the product to be registered under the Emirates Conformity Assessment Schemes.

It is the responsibility of the Manufacturer for locally manufactured product or the importer for the imported products to register the products to ESMA.

Regulated Products for Emirates Conformity Assessment Scheme (ECAS)

  1. Organic Products
  2. Vehicle Tires
  3. Biodegradable Plastics
  4. Detergent
  5. Cigarette, tobacco and other tobacco products
  6. Energy Drinks
  7. Cosmetics
  8. Perfumes
  9. Tools for food contact
  10. Guide tools for the consumption of water
  11. Self-balancing electrical panels
  12. Trailers and semitrailers
  13. Paints and varnishes
  14. Oils lubricate internal combustion engines
  15. Diesel
  16. Speed Devices for Vehicles
  17. Plastic products for removable Thll- imported products
  18. External marine engines
  19. Electric water heaters
  20. Commercial air conditioners
  21. Issuing posters of energy and water efficiency of green products
  22. Gulf license to use the emblem for electric and low-voltage equipment
  23. Information and communication cables
  24. Service vehicles modified card
  25. Safety seats for children installable in vehicles
  26. Honey
  27. Used vehicles imported
  28. Unmanned air vehicles
  29. Proportions of restricted hazardous materials in electrical appliances
  30. Lighting Products
  31. Doors and windows buttock
  32. Elevators for buildings
  33. Electrical products intended for use in potentially volatile atmosphere
  34. Electric cables and wires of low voltage
  35. Equipment, tools and materials for personal protection i.e. Hair blower
  36. Vehicle spare parts

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