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CQI/IRCA Leaks that ISO Will Update ISO 9001

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Why CQI/IRCA Leaks that ISO Will Update ISO 9001

The Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) and its training arm, IRCA, have tweeted out that ISO TC 176 has agreed to revise ISO 9001:2015, despite five prior votes in which the world voted against the revision.

The tweet comes prior to any official announcement by TC 176 or ISO, and appears based on inside information obtained solely by CQI/IRCA. The group was one of the major forces pushing ISO to ignore prior world votes on the subject and revise ISO 9001. The July 29 tweet shows IRCA applauding the decision.

Qdot has confirmed that ISO has not yet released the final tally of votes but that for this sixth round, a majority of nations that voted did yield to ISO pressure, and agreed to revise ISO 9001. Sources tell Qdot that the UK and US voted to revise the standard, while at least 25 countries — including Austria, Japan, Germany, and Canada — rejected the proposal. Oxebridge has not seen any documentation on this, however.

If the IRCA tweet proves true, organizations like CQI/IRCA stand to make generous profits by offering training on the revised standard.