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How to plan your day?

What you think..
Do you think that you don’t enjoy your professional life?
Your boss don’t like you?
You don’t like to go to your job?
Your colleagues enjoy much respect and nobody cares you or feel concerned for you?
You feel isolated in office?
You feel jealous from your colleagues?
Thinking to resign?
And then perhaps you are thinking to change your job, you feel that your office dont have good working environment. People are not good, there is leg pulling, politics, discrmination etc
Nothing will change
Let me tell you what will happen next
You will resign, and join new office. And you will know that you are facing same issues and challenges in new office as you were facing in the previous office.
Where is the problem?
Where is the problem? Why its happening with you?
I know very well answer to this question because i also gone through from the same situation in my early career
Now lets talk about solution to this problem.
Your current routine
Tell me first, how you start your day.
Definitly you must be sleeping late at night and late woke up in the morning
Reaching to office in rush, and late,  5, minute 10 minute late is normal as other colleagues also have same kind of routine, nothing to worry about, no body notices, nobody cares this is what you think..right
You opened you laptop, there was some pending things from yesterday, you were thinking to work on those things first. But boss called you and assighned some other important tasks to complete. After completing those, you came back to your work place and now you dont remember what was the important tasks you wanna do today.
Its lunch time now
You came back from lunch, you again tried to resume you work and its tea time now, sitring with colleagies chit shap etc
Time to leave office is approaching. Day is going to an end. You are thinking that remaining work you will see next day.
This is what expectedly your day routine is and here is the problem lies underneath.
Had you understood where is the problem?
Root cause
You are not disciplined…
Corrective action?
Do one thing
Try to sleep early at night so that you may wokeup early in the morning and feel fresh all day
After reaching to office, take your coffee or tea and sit down. Dont open laptop or check your emails. It will detrack you.
Now plan your day first. What you wanna do today, list down your tasks.
These days things become quite easy, you can find lot of apps on mobile or latop for day planning.
But its better to use notebook at start, try to make it as a habit.
Dont make this activity complex, keep it simple
Whatever you wanna do today, list down as per priority
Keep in mind right now you are just focusing on day planning, nothing else.
Your day plan is ready, now work according to plan and as you are completing the tasks make them checked.
If there are some additional tasks coming kn the way  you can update your list, no worries, its notmal
Update status of your daily plan before leaving the office, and evaluate how much you planned, how much completed and how much left. Left over tasks you can add in your next day plan.
Prepare your daily report now and submit it your boss even if he has not asked for that.
Believe me, this day planning will make you disciplined and you will feel a visible change in your professional life.
A good employee always plan before start of work and he is always disciplned and the bad employee is always week in planning and illdiscplined

Correction, Corrective Action & Preventive Action

Many people are not clear about the difference between these three terms. Although its very simple but some of my fellows from industry are always found confused when they talk about these terms.
Lets try to clear this in a simplest possible way.
Four guys sitting around a table and playing a card game. they each have a glass of water which is placed in front of them near the table corner.
1 Guy got stuck his hand with the glass and it fell down from the table. Glass pieces scattered now everywhere. But they were so passionately involved in the game that nobody bothered to take any action and continued the game.
Game set completed. Its time to take a break now. A guy stood up and want to go towards washroom, but he got injured with the glass pieces. He was taken to hospital in rush because he was bleeding heavily.
What we call this situation?
It is a NO ACTION situation
Which could have been avoided very easily if they took it seriously after the glass breakage accident.
When glass fell down and broken. They stopped the game. One guy stoop up and clear the glass pieces very carefully and put them in the dust bin. He made sure that not a single piece of glass is on the floor now. After clearing up the mess they continued the game again.
What we call this action? A corrective action?? Do we sure same kind of accident will not happen again?
Sorry.. its big NO
Because its a Correction….
When something goes wrong and action is taken just to clear the mistake for a short term it is called a Correction. Its not making sure the recurrence of incident in future.  A Correction is the first tier of action.
After the Accident, they stopped the game. Cleared the glass pieces from the floor. They started to investigate why this is happened.
They identified the root cause
  1. It was glass,  and
  2. they were placing it near the table corner.
They have plastic water bottles in the kitchen. They thought its better to use plastic bottles instead of glass to avoid any chance of serious accident .They also advised each other not to put plastic bottles near the table corner. They had made sure that same accident will not happen again and they continued to enjoy the game.
What we call it? a Preventive Action? No…
Come on
Its a Corrective Action.
Game is going on. Nothing happened yet. A guy realized that glasses are on the table and placed near to the table corner, there are strong chances that it may fell down and may cause any kind of injury.
He stood up and changed glasses with plastic bottles from the kitchen and also advised other guys not to put the bottles near the table corner. Situation is been corrected before something goes wrong,
What we call it?
It is called a Preventive Action.
I hope now you have clarity in your mind about these three terms.

Thumb Rule to Effective Communication

What is meant by professional communication?
When somebody is writing or talking to his colleagues, customers, suppliers or any other party in a professional capacity its called professional communication.
It could be a telephonic talk, watsapp chat or exchange of emails.
In my experience, i seen people struggling while doing professional communications.
Let me give you some examples of your problem in communication
#1    You are talking to your colleagues or boss, and you don’t know how to start your talk. instead you are talking randomly with lot of fumbles. You felt clueless. Your dialogues are without sequence
#2    You are trying to write an email to your customer, and you are unorganized in your writing, how to greet your attendees, where to start, where to end, how to keep yourself to your objective. You observe that your addressees are not giving proper attention to your email.
#3    You are exchanging watsapp messages, and you are irritating the recipient with your broken, incomplete, senseless sentences. You are Unable to deliver the complete message.
At the end , a poorly written email or unplanned talk gives poor outcome and show your lacking in professionalism.
the question is:
What to do:
Before starting any sort of communication, written or verbal, via any medium, you should;
  • plan its first.
  • have complete clarity in your mind about what you gonna talk and what you want to achieve from this.
  • know who your addressee is
  • who to put in addressee list (In case of email)
  • Know the difference between To, Cc and Bcc
and the most important thing in professional communication
The structure of your talk or email or watsapp chat.
This is very very important.
Three things..
The structure of every professional communication consists of three things.
  1. Reference: Link up your communication with the background i.e. a letter / email you sent before, verbal or telephonic talk, any previous meeting, Give crisp details
  2. Content: What you want to communicate i.e. the problem, situation, event, your action, or reaction. Be precise, don’t put unnecessary or irrelevant details, your content should be clear and in minimum words. Your addressee should understand it completely without any ambiguity.
  3. Conclude: What you want from your addressee i.e. action from addressee, request to addressee or this email is just for the information of addressee and no action is required.
In reality whats happening,
Our professionals are more focused on content of the communication, directly going there, without proper linkage of their content with the background or reference. And the most important thing, they miss to conclude their communication. They lost the objectivity why they started the communication.
Its a one to one discussion or you are sitting in a meeting, you are doing official chat on watsapp, or telephonic talks, or your are writing an email or letter to your  supplier or customers.
Same structure is applied in every communication.
If you are just new to this, better to put your communication in three bullet points which are Reference, Content and conclusion.
Follow this strategy and be a better professional.
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