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BRC GS for Food Safety

Demand for food safety is growing. Consumers and authorities increasingly demand that the food we eat should offer high levels of quality and security. If a problem occurs, the source of error needs to be found quickly and the problem rectified. Demands are typically directed to the retail trade first, but responsibility spreads through the entire food chain to include food producers, primary producers and transporters.

The BRC GS (British Retail Consortium Global Standard) was published by the union of British supermarket chains, the BRC. It requires documented approval to ensure food quality and safety.

Its an advanced level to HACCP, ISO 22000 or FSSC 22000

If you are already certified for any of the above standards, your organisation should think on moving to the next level which is BRC certification

BRC GS Certification is key to enter in UK, EU and USA market

Additionally, in local market if your organisation is certified for BRC, your customer's definitely will exclude you from customer audits and your pre-qualification process for new customers will be pretty easy

Why BRC with Qdot?

Qdot’s unique consultancy methodology ensures focus on the areas and issues that are important to company’s business. Our consultants are industry specialists matched with company business needs, enabling an effective and robust assessment of your system.

BRC certification with Qdot helps to ensure ‘best practice’ with regards to food safety, leading to:

  • Competitive advantage: Qdot is a market leader in the provision of food safety assessment, consultancy and training services, and some of the world’s best known organizations choose Qdot for their assessment& consultancy services.
  • Continual improvement: Improve communications and processes around food safety throughout the organization, promote best practices and drive improvements across your supply chain.
  • New business opportunities: Consultancy from Qdot significantly improves your ability to work with the many organizations where BRC Certification is a contractual obligation or expectation.