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What is Industrial Measurements System (IMS)?

The industrial measurement system, applies to dealers and suppliers of materials packaged in various types of packaging.

By starting the mandatory system of industrial measurements, the UAE is entering a new stage of controlling the quality, weights and sizes of manufactured products in local markets.

The industrial measurements system aims to adjust the measurements in the factories by following quality procedures to ensure the calibration and adjustment of measuring instruments in all stages of production

It also aims to qualify and raise the efficiency of workers in the field of measurements and calibration, and prepare a clear measurement manual that regulates the supervision of measurements in factories to reduce errors in measurement.

The application of Industrial Measurements System is mandatory for the production of juices and energy drinks, fresh poultry, bottled water, paints and detergents.

It determines the conditions and requirements to be implemented by factories so that they could be registered on Industrial measurements systems which aims at providing the necessary requirements needed for accurate measurements in the measurements tools and devices used in all stages of production with the view of reducing errors and wastes resulting from measurements and operations.


The system shall be applied to local and external factories on optional basis and mandatory implementation for some industrial sectors;

Sectors with Mandatory implementation are:

  1. Bottled drinking water from YR 2017
  2. LPG Cylinders from YR 2017
  3. Paints & varnishes from YR 2018
  4. Fresh Chicken from YR 2018
  5. Non-Alcoholic Energy Drinks from YR 2018
  6. Detergents from YR 2018
  7. Juices from YR 2019
  8. Perfumes from YR 2019
  9. Vegetable oils from YR 2019
  10. Fizzy Drinks from YR 2019
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