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ISO 26001:2010 – Guidance on Social Responsibility

ISO 26001:2010 - Guidance on Social Responsibility

What is ISO 26001?

Businesses and organizations do not operate in a vacuum. Their relationship to the society and environment in which they operate is a critical factor in their ability to continue to operate effectively. It is also increasingly being used as a measure of their overall performance.

ISO 26000 provides guidance on how businesses and organizations can operate in a socially responsible way. This means acting in an ethical and transparent way that contributes to the health and welfare of society.

ISO 26000:2010 provides guidance rather than requirements, so it cannot be certified to, unlike some other well-known ISO standards. Instead, it helps clarify what social responsibility is, helps businesses and organizations translate principles into effective actions, and shares best practices relating to social responsibility, globally. It is aimed at all types of organizations regardless of their activity, size, or location.

The standard was launched in 2010 following five years of negotiations between many different stakeholders across the world. Representatives from the government, NGOs, industry, consumer groups, and labor organizations around the world were involved in its development, which means it represents an international consensus.

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