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This is a million-dollar question for which a company needs to be very careful. There are so many hoax certification bodies, who are doing business illegally in different ways.

Choose Certification Body Wisely

What to Check

How to Check

Do Certification Body is authorized to issue certificates in your territory

Do Certification Body have the approval of relevant scope/activity as not every Certification Body is allowed to issue Certificate to every scope/activity)

Do the Certification Body have the valid Accreditation

Does the Certification Body have local Accreditation from EIAC? even if the Certification Body have Foreign Accreditation they should have local Accreditation also from EIAC

Do the certification Body is accredited by an Accreditation Body that is a member of IAF?

Consultancy Company is not a Certification Body or vice versa, As both have a direct conflict of interest. So if any Consultancy company or Certification Body is performing both functions, then definitely they are doing wrong.

Do the certification body is collecting Annual surveillance audits fees also at the time of initial certification? or are they making commitments for no annual surveillance audits?

Check Accreditation Certificate of Certification Body by visiting the website of Accreditation Body

Check the status of Accreditation by visiting the website of Accreditation Body

Visit the EIAC website link at https://eiac.gov.ae/directory

There is some hoax, privately owned, so-called, independent accreditation bodies who are just certification mills and doing mall practices, please confirm the authenticity of the Accreditation Body by visiting the IAF website at https://www.iaf.nu//articles/I

Confirm certification body and its accreditation status before signing any contract with any consultancy company and make sure consultancy company is separate from than certification body

All certifications have a certification cycle of 3 years as per IAF guidelines and Certification bodies have to conduct Annual surveillance audits of your system every year and Payment for Surveillance audits also to be collected at the time of Surveillance. If they are collecting all payments at once it means you are in the wrong hands.

Be careful, as if you select a wrong Certification Body because of your limited knowledge, it may impact your brand value in a negative way or you may miss any big business opportunity non-valuable certification

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