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SASO IECEE Recognition Certificate for Lighting (Lamps & Luminaires)

For some lighting products (lamps and luminaries), a SASO IECEE Recognition Certificate is now required in order to obtain a Shipment Certificate of Conformity.

The current requirements for obtaining the certificate are:

1. IECEE CB Test Report and CB Certificate from an IECEE Certified Body, dated within 3 years, in accordance with the applicable IEC safety standard.

2. Products must be tested for SASO Energy Efficiency requirements in accordance with either standard SASO 2870:2015 or SASO 2902:2018 depending on the product type. This testing must be carried out by a SASO-approved laboratory. Please contact us for an up-to-date list of SASO-approved laboratories.

3. Apply for SASO Energy Efficiency Certification and Labels for the product using the SASO 2870:2015 or SASO 2902:2018 test reports gained from point 2 above.

4. Apply for SASO IECEE Recognition Certificate using the IECEE CB Test Report, IECEE CB Certificate, and Energy Efficiency documents mentioned in previous points

Please contact Qdot International today to find out if your products are covered by the new SASO IECEE Recognition Certificate program.

For more information on other products included in the IECEE Recognition Certificate program, please contact us here.