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How to write an Action Plan

We all face different problems & situations daily in our professional work life and an Action Plan is an authentic way forward to solve our problems and achieve our tasks. This is what makes a difference between a performer and a non-performer employee.

Whenever we want to achieve any outcome, it is advisable to have an action plan. The basic ingredients of an Action Plan are,

  1. Task
  2. Action to be taken
  3. Responsible
  4. Target Date
  5. Status

it is unnecessary to go in complex models for Action Plan, better if you can achieve your outcome without complexities. Any Action Plan is a perfect Action Plan if the above-mentioned ingredients are available in it.

The next important thing to achieve the required outcome is “Follow-up” to continually update the status of tasks in the action plan. Remember Follow-up is the “Key to Success”. If anyone responsible is unable to meet the set target date, put a new date while keeping the previously allocated date in red. In this way, we will know that when the Task was initially assigned.

The responsible person for the task should be clear-headed and there should not be any confusion. And there should be only one primary responsible person for the entire task. Don’t mix the responsibilities with more than one person. This will also lead to confusion.

A simple format for “Action Plan” is given below for your understanding.

Whenever something to be achieved, don't keep things in air, put it on paper and make an "Action Plan"